About the project


The Technology Transfer Office “EuroTechTrans” is established under a project funded by operational programme “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013”, co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund.


The purpose of the project is to set up a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) named “EuroTechTrans”, aimed at encouraging the transfer of new knowledge and the introduction of innovative technologies from R&D organizations into the Bulgarian enterprises to support their competitiveness and sustainable development.  


  • To establish and develop the Technology Transfer Office “EuroTechTrans”
  • To promote the activity of EuroTechTrans
  • To support the transfer of products from R&D activity into Bulgarian enterprises





Budget of the project

The overall budget of the project for the establishment of TTO “EuroTechTrans” amounts to BGN 452,245, of which the grant is BGN 316 131,50, while the remaining BGN 136 113,50 is provided by Euroconsultants Bulgaria S.A. AD.

Period of implementation

The project is implemented from August 2012 till August 2014 (24 months). After its completion TTO “EuroTechTrans” will continue to operate independently.


The vision of TTO “EuroTechTrans” is to become the preferred national intermediary between the Bulgarian R&D organisations and the business.

Motto: “Professional services next door.”



technology transfer cycle

TTO “EuroTechTrans” covers all stages of the technology transfer cycle – from the identification of innovative ideas to ​​ the commercialization of the innovative products, processes and services, as presented in the figure below.







Meeting the basic needs of the businesses falling in the priority sectors for the activity of TTO “EuroTechTrans” will have a significant contribution to the progress of the identified beneficiaries of its services, which will respectively have positive impact on the economic environment in the country. The following outputs will be achieved as a result of the activities carried out by the technology transfer office:

  • Improved relationships between science and business, as research institutes, universities, etc., will receive information on the needs of business and will be granted assistance for the economic justification of the innovative ideas which they generate


  • Increased investments in innovation activities by providing a better understanding on the features that a scientific idea, innovation or invention should have in order to be able to be put into practice and be transformed from theoretical work into a marketable product, process or service
  • Increased number of innovative and high-tech start-ups as a result of provided assistance for the protection of intellectual property rights to the owners of innovative ideas which will make them more open to the opportunities that are available for co-operation and collaboration with the business
  • Increased use of research findings due to the economic efficiency of inventions/innovations, promoted among companies