Identification of feasible

innovative ideas




  • Establishment of contacts with research institutions throughout the country (universities, research laboratories, institutes in the structure of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, etc.) – for generation of feasible scientific ideas
  • Compilation of a database with scientific ideas based on certain criteria – sector of the economy, maturity of the idea, feasibility, as well as:

- Technology 

- Concept 

- Proof of principle

- Identification of applications

- Development of prototype

- Feasibility study 

  • Assessment of the feasibility of ideas (sorting)

- Technology assessment – historical development of the technology, identification of unrealized applications, brief description of the new technology based on key words, potential benefits from the technology, potential barriers (e.g. intellectual property rights, value, competition), identification of potential consumers and competitors

- Market assessment – potential users (companies), market needs (legal framework, niches, etc.), market restraints, market trends (assessment of the future market opportunities), analysis of the market share

  • Communication with the holders of the innovative ideas and deciding on their future realisation; preparation of a presentation of the innovative idea, containing:

- Brief description of the technology/ invention: brief presentation of the scientific area, in which it can be realized; potential markets and market volumes; description of the uniqueness of the technology; benefits from the introduction of the technology

- Market feasibility of the idea: companies, which can interested in its introduction; basic market needs related to the innovation; potential restraints and barriers for its implementation; market trends and perspectives

  • The decision for each innovative idea, based on the interaction with its holders, can be:

- The idea is returned to the owner for further development

- A prototype is developed in order to be subject to further testing for its efficiency

- A patent search is made

- The patent application is filed

- A request for registration of a utility model is submitted, etc.





Support for the protection

of intellectual

property rights


  • Delivery of information on the options and benefits of intellectual property rights protection
  • Support for the preparation of documentation for the patent application or utility model registration
  • Delivery of information on the relevant legislation, international practices and potential applications
  • Review of the completed applications for patent/utility model registration in terms of accuracy and coverage



Elaboration of technical, financial and

economic evaluations and assessments 

of intellectual property rights 

of innovative products, 

processes or services



  • Creation and maintainance of a database of scientific ideas/innovative works that have the potential to be introduced in real business (products, processes or services)
  • Elaboration of technical evaluations of innovative ideas, including analysis of the technology in the respective area, the technical feasibility of the idea and the possibilities for practical business applications
  • Performance of financial and economic evaluations of the respective innovations for which it is technologically possible to be commercialized, incl. analysis of the costs needed to transform the idea from a theoretical study into a product that can be offered on the market
  • Study of the intellectual property rights of the feasible innovative ideas – steps that need to be followed to get a patent or register a utility model, licensing and contractual relationships with the private business



Development of business and

marketing strategies

for market realisation


  • Development of business and marketing strategies for market realization of the innovative ideas or inventions
  • Identification of potential users of these ideas/inventions



Marketing of innovative

ideas and identification of companies

in which they can be

implemented in practice



  • Elaboration of a study on the needs of companies for innovative products, processes or services и
  • Identification of the parameters that need to be met by the scientific ideas in order to be of interest to the business – e.g. maturity of the idea, level of development, efficiency, etc.
  • Establishment of a contact between the innovators and companies in which their inventions can be implemented
  • Support to the technology transfer process
  • Assistance to companies for technology introduction



Performance of technological

audits in innovative enterprises

to optimise their production



  • Performance of technological audits in companies which have the potential for introduction of innovative products, processes or services on the market or their activity allows the optimisation of production technologies based on innovative works
  • Elaboration of analyses to optimise production technologies (creation or realisation of innovative products, processes or services) in companies




Organisation of events

to present innovative

developments to companies



  • Organisation of events to present innovative works to companies